Rumours everywhere that Redknapp is poised to make a £7m move for Atletico's Diego Forlan. Great move or next victim of the Spurs curse?

The news reports today that 'Arry Redknapp may finally be closing in on long-time target fills me with mixed emotions.  The Uruguan has obvious ability, after all he was named player of the tournament dring the 2010 World Cup and has terrorised defences in European club competition with Atletico.  His goalscoring record is ridiculously good with a better than a goal every two game average at club level (not including Man Utd) and almost one in two at international level.  He also bangs them in fof fun on Football Manager.



However doubt is in my head whether he will have the impact 'Arry Redknapp thinks he will.  With such a great goalscoring record, why have none of the top clubs come after him?  If he was a great that can change a team, you would think his door would have been knocked down by now. 


He is out of favour at Atletico which gives me the impression he may be over his best and we could be purchasing a player on decline rather than at the height of his career. 


I also fear for his suitabilitiy in terms of our formation.  The reason Spurs went from being a free-scoring entertaining team to one of the lowest scorers last season is simple - VDV.  It takes a certain type of striker to play that lone role and I am not sure Forlan or any of our current strikers can do that. Forlan has always had somebody alongside him to feed off.


I remember his last spell in the English top flight. I even ridiculed my friends who are Man Utd fans about the useless striker they had that couldn't score in a proverbrial place of easy to score ladies.


Above all I fear that the Spurs curse could strike.  We have had a number of players this has happenned to.  They were meant to be Top Stars or amazing prospects only for us to ruin them.  With all of the above I just fear Forlan may be one of them.


I have listed some of the Top Victims of the Spurs Curse.  Can you think of more?


Sergei Rebrov - The Ukranian joined Spurs as one of the hottest strikers in Europe.  Joined for an astronomical sum of £11m back in 2000 and managed to score a mere 10 goals in 60 games.  He was even being spoken about as being better than Shevchenko, who was at the top of his game back then.

Helder Postiga - The young Portugese prospect joined the club with the same kind of buzz that greeted Ronaldo when he joined Man Utd.  Part of Mourinho's championship winning team he joined Spurs after scoring 13 goals in one season (before his 21st) birthday.  He ended playing 19 games scorign just 1 goal.  He also managed to find more blind alleys at White Hart Lane than anybody knew existed.

Adel Taarabt - Joined Spurs in 2007 after being dubbed the new Zinedine Zidane.  The lad has talent in abundance, sadly he is also one of the most frustrating players you will ever come across.  Rather than looking like ZZ he played like those annoying kids at school that had all the skill but too greedy and wouldn't pass to anybody.  He also made the choice to represent Morocco rather than France. Grand total of 9 appearances and no goals

Roman Pavlychenko - Controversial as a number of Spurs fans like him for his work rate. Sadly the £16m signing is terrible.  He can't hit a ball really hard and sweetly however most of the time his positioning is all over the place, his shots go anywhere and his awareness of team mates is non-existant. If I wanted somebody with a great work rate and a hard kick I would buy a donkey. Oh wait, thats exactly what he is.

Kevin Prince Boateng - Boateng joined Spurs in 2007 for over £5m and was touted as one of Germany's hottest prospects. Only to then decide he is Ghanaian He looked like he should be a good player but sadly (similar to his brother Jerome) he proved the old saying, never judge a book by its cover.  We should have guessed the Comolli signing didn't really have the intelligence to make it when he said his favourite show is Spongebob Squarepants.  Miraculously plying his trade in Italy's Serie A now.

David Bentley - Dubbed the new David Beckham (probably by himself). Claimed to be a Spurs fan as a lad, but loads of reports of him following Arsenal as a kid.  Simply never showed any of the early promise that got him in the England team as a Blackburn player.  Likely to be farmed out this window.


Who is your biggest victim of the Spurs curse?