Carlo Ancelloti was sacked on the 22 May, the last day of the season, this is no more news, but the manner and venue of his sack really did leave a sour taste in the mouth of a majority of Chelsea supporters, the gentle man should have been given a more dignified sack (but really can getting fired ever be dignified?)

All said and done, apart from the timing and the venue of the sack, most Chelsea fanatics including yours sincerely saw it coming, Carlo himself knew it was inevitable, his comments in the twilights of his reign said it all, he had lost that confidence in his speech (though he still had the arched eyebrow), whenever the English press harangued him about his future, his responses were quite pathetic – “It’s up to the club”, “ I want to stay, but let’s wait for end of the season”, "I have to wait and see what happens” "I don't have to say anything to the club - they can judge me on my job for two years." “The club will appraise my work at the end of the season”, “We haven't arranged any meeting but I think in the next week, now the season is finished, the club can address my job and they will take a decision”

Some pundits say Carlo lost his job when we were knocked out of the champions league by Manchester United, but I believe he gave up when he was undermined by the owner, Roman took the rug off his feet when Wilkins was sacked and Carlo failed to stand up for what he wanted, as the gaffer you have to stand your ground on the kind of coaching set up you want to work with, Carlo chose to keep quiet and work with the structure and the result was a disaster, he clearly was not at home with Mike Emenalo, this resulted to Carlo being lost during games, no spark, no tactical changes, Chelsea’s match plan became predictable and we played the same old pattern every week, he was clearly outplayed and out-thought by different managers every other weekend. Yeah we can’t cut the players slack just like that, but the buck stops on the table of the gaffer, he goofed and lost his way in the middle of the season.

The arrival of Fernando Torres further nailed him, his application of the player was a mess. I’m not one of the pundits that believe that the owner will force you to start a player, Roman can buy a player against the gaffer’s wish, but Carlo selects the starting eleven, and starting Torres above Drogba was a big blunder and the looser was Chelsea and Torres, we were knocked out of the champions league, and Torres lost confidence on the ball with every match he started, Torres should have been gradually introduced into the Chelsea side, and besides playing El Nino’ with the midfielders passing balls to his feet which is the strength of a Didier Drogba, made a mess of the player, Torres loves to have the ball played behind defenders, though he has lost some speed, but he could have done better if we played to his strengths.

Anyway, my heartfelt goodbye to Carlo, you were never suited to Chelsea football club, I had my reservations from the inception, wishing you the best after your one year holiday.