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Writer Guidelines:

The 10 Step Guide to Good Writing:

  • Topic: You can write about any football topic that you are passionate about, any story that you want to tell – just tag your post with relevant key words. Please select all the relevant categories and only those.
  • Size: We recommend a minimum 200 words. For experienced writers who are confident of their content, I suggest 500+ words. Usually more is better, but the most important thing is to keep it interesting – keep it short, rather than dilute the content.
  • Frequency: The key to develop & retain a dedicated following, is regular writing. Even if it’s once a week, define a realistic frequency for yourself and stick to that schedule. Make your readers expect and ultimately wait for that article.
  • Headline: Grab the attention by the headline – take your time to decide it. My tips - keep them short and try to make them Shocking / Intriguing / Exciting / Humorous. Study how newspapers do it.
  • Excerpt:  Contain your entire argument in the headline & excerpt. Readers will decide whether or not to read your post almost entirely based on these two.
  • Picture: Including at least 1 relevant picture greatly enhances the reading experience. There are plenty of sites which provide royalty-free pics for your use.
  • Attribution: NEVER risk violating a copyright, stealing content or plagiarizing – if you find information elsewhere, make sure that you provide a link back to the source, referencing them for the information you received.
  • Precise: Stick to short, concise sentences & paragraphs, and half the battle is won.
  • Edit, Edit, & Edit: Good writing is in the editing. Before you hit the submit button, re-read your post and cut out the stuff that you don’t need, do a Spell & Grammar Check.
  • Style:Finally, always remember it’s about your opinion and your style of writing – stick with it.

Key Points to remember:


  • No personal links: Do not insert any personal links within any of your articles. If you want to link your article to your blog, provide that link in your profile - which is posted below every article you publish. But you are NOT allowed to insert personal links in the article, this could get your profile banned from the website. You may however provide links in your articles, as long as they are relevant and do not promote any personal content/website.
  • Format: After you finish writing your article, select the "Draft" option and save. Now go to your home page, and you will see your article there (no one else can see it at this stage). You can review it and then send it to the Editor for publishing. Please ensure your formatting is in line with the published articles on the website, else you may end up with a low rating from the editor or your article getting rejected! 
  • Copy & Paste: If you are copying your article from your blog, please post it at Notepad first. Copy it from Notepad and paste at footballspeak to ensure you do not end up with junk characters. Or if you don't have notepad, click on html option above our editor panel, and then paste your article, and then unclick the hmtl option to format it.


FootballSpeak Community:

  • Ratings: Please rate every article you read. You feedback is important to us. However, do not try to “fix” ratings by poorly rating other writers – we have controls in place that will expose you, and it’s a sure way of getting yourself banned.
  • Profile: Your profile is like your advert at FootballSpeak – write this well. Also use your real name, and post a professional looking picture of you – it always makes a big difference if you want to be taken seriously. If you are unsure about including your face, upload a profile pic which is unique to you - maybe your eye or your ear! Do not change your profile pic too often, make it easier for your audience to relate to you. Its textbook branding.
  • Comments: As much as possible, leave your comments/views in articles you read – make friends and build your influence.
  • Suggestions: Do email us your suggestions on how we can improve your community experience at FootballSpeak – we NEED your feedback, like Rooney needs goals!! And even if Rooney has rediscovered his scoring touch by the time you read this, we still need your inputs ;)