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Improving your Rankings:

FootballSpeak Rankings are critical to your readership as well as your possible future earning potential from this website. The FootballSpeak Rankings are based on a “Score” which is a function of Pageviews, Ratings, Tweets/Likes, & Comments your articles generate. You can do a LOT to influence these parameters, and boost your Score manifold. Here are some of our suggestions:

  1. Pageviews
    • Drop in the link to your article in relevant discussions at football Message Boards / Forums / Blogs that you frequent – this is usually the most effective way to drive traffic to your articles.
    • Get the link to your article out to all your friends via social media sites or emails.
    • Ping Your Articles, it takes just 30 seconds. Some popular pinging services are Ping-o-Matic! and Pingoat! (both free and easy). Spread the word.
  2. Ratings
    • Invite all your friends to join FootballSpeak.com using our email invite tool or by uploading your contacts from Facebook/Twitter/Google/etc using our bulk invite tool (coming soon) – the logic is simple - more friends you have here, the better your ratings!
    • Post comments on other writers articles here, compliment good writing. Building positive relationships with co-writers and helping each other out will have a significant long term impact.
  3. Tweets & Likes
    • Tweeting about your article on your Twitter account, and posting the link on your Facebook status update will have a significant impact on your score. Please remember to use the buttons provided for this purpose below your article – our score algorithm can only pick those up.
    • Encourage your friends to push those buttons as well.
    • In our experience, every article you write should be ReTweeted on your Twitter profile 5-10 times to reach most of your friends (depending on the size of your following). We suggest you start 2-3 times on the first day, and then once a day for the next week or two. For a free service that allows you to schedule tweets to be posted at a later date or time, visit SocialOomph.
    • Actively encourage your friends to comment on your articles.
    • Always reply to comments on your articles, even try to build a discussion or sorts. Connecting with fellow writers/readers will help you build a following at FootballSpeak, and that’s why this impacts your “Score”.