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About the Author : I write about World Football, with a heavy bias towards Latin America. I have lived in Colombia and Ecuador. I make no pretence of objectivity!

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Copa Libertadores 2013 - Opening Matches

27 Feb 2013
by Mark Biram
Whilst the historical big 3 have won 46 out of 53 Copa Libertadores between them, the 54th edition of the Libertadores promises more shocks.... [More]

From The Robledo Brothers To Gutierrez & Coloccini

26 Jan 2013
by Mark Biram
Such is the all-encompassing media onslaught that goes with the world’s most commercialised league, much of the talk about foreign players ... [More]

Copa Libertadores 2013 Preview - Brazil, Uruguay & Argentina

23 Jan 2013
by Mark Biram
History says that more than likely the winner of the Libertadores will come from South America’s historical big three. More than likely, if... [More]

Copa Libertadores 2013 Preview

21 Jan 2013
by Mark Biram
This Tuesday sees the beginning of South America’s premier club competition the Copa Libertadores. Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela and Iquique, C... [More]

Boca and Independiente in the Libertadores

03 Jul 2012
by Mark Biram
When Boca Juniors step out at the Estádio do Pacaembu for the 2nd leg of the 2012 Copa Libertadores Final this Wednesday night away a... [More]

English Negativity, Media Cynicism and Euro 2012

07 Jun 2012
by Mark Biram
As England approach their 23rd major tournament since 1966, for once, almost no-one is trumpeting the team’s chances of lifting the&nb... [More]

Napoli: Pride of the Mezzogiorno

24 May 2012
by Mark Biram
One of the deepest convictions held across all levels of Italian society is that there is an unbridgeable gap between the industrial North and th... [More]

Searching for El Dorado - Golden Era of Colombian football

23 May 2012
by Mark Biram
  To which El Dorado do I refer, you might wonder? The one that fascinated the Spanish Conquistadors and compelled explorers like ... [More]

Learning a thing or two from the Argies about sportsmanship

08 May 2012
by Mark Biram
For many years in British football we have comforted ourselves with the fallacy that despite our dreadful record at international level, our game... [More]

Futebol Arte vs Futebol Força: The Great Latin American Football

07 May 2012
by Mark Biram
When we think of Brazilian Football there is a strong tendency to fall back on deep-rooted stereotypes of wider Brazilian society. People speak o... [More]

Why our league structure matters

07 May 2012
by Mark Biram
In the early seventies The FA experimented with a pre-season trophy (known as the Watney Mann Invitation Cup) that brought together the top scori... [More]

The Ugly Face of Petty Tribalism

06 May 2012
by Mark Biram
One of the most satisfying parts of following a football club is the strong sense of belonging that it engenders: that feeling of being united by... [More]