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About the Author : Im a 24-year-old hoping to crack the field of journalism from County Clare in Ireland who has avidly followed football since beginning primary school. I read about and watch football on a daily basis

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Articles by this Author

2011-12 Europa League Review

10 May 2012
by Liam Togher
A full 45 weeks after qualifying began, Atletico Madrid came out on top in a tournament that had its fair share of surprises... [More]

Where next for Liverpool?

03 May 2012
by Liam Togher
From Champions League finalists to mid-table filler in five years, times have been tough for LFC fans recently [More]

The indefensible trophy

25 Apr 2012
by Liam Togher
Barcelona's elimination from the Champions League maintained the unwritten tournament rule that it cannot be won back-to-back [More]