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About the Author : Im 14. Im an aspiring sports journalist. I am extremely passionate about football. Most of my views are posted through Twitter. Follow me, @jacobdobson_ .

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Don't Get Your Hopes Up About Wilshere

27 Jun 2012
by Jacob Dobson
As the inquest into England's failure at Euro 2012 begins, many people are thinking what lies ahead for us. Over the past few days we've heard ex... [More]

Out With The Old, In With The New?

27 Jun 2012
by Jacob Dobson
As the many fan's across the nation absconded from their TV screens after the devastating loss to Italy, the question on many peoples minds was, ... [More]

Captain Fantastic

24 Jun 2012
by Jacob Dobson
When the appointment of Roy Hodgson was confirmed, it was met with much disapproval. The majority of the nation was expecting Harry Redknapp to b... [More]