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Neymar is the next Big Thing

05 Jul 2013
by Mohamed Ali
If you have watched any football over the past year you will have heard the name Neymar come up. [More]

Robin Van Persie : Mission Accomplished

25 Apr 2013
by Mohamed Ali
This time last year Robin Van Persie was Arsenal’s Captain, the Golden Boot Winner and the PFA Player of the year after a season of a lifetime [More]

Chelsea Under Rafa

28 Dec 2012
by Mohamed Ali
The past couple of months at the Chelsea Football Club has been a flurry of news, events and changes. [More]

Top 5 Permier League Transfers This Season

09 Dec 2012
by Mohamed Ali
I'm back and today i will assess the best Premier League signings of the 2012-13 season so far [More]

Lets End The Debate - Who is better Gerrard or Lampard?

06 Feb 2012
by Mohamed Ali
Millions of people have debated long and hard over whom is the superior footballer between Stevie G and Lampard. Never before have I seen two ico... [More]

Chelsea need to stand up and grow a pair.

24 Jan 2012
by Mohamed Ali
For the past two seasons, people have been mentioning Chelsea as being a club in transition. The old boys need to leave and the youngsters need t... [More]

The 6 best Premier League transfers of this season.

18 Jan 2012
by Mohamed Ali
My picks for the best transfers of this Premier League season, based on performance & cost, are:    6. Emmanuel Adebayor (Spurs) (L... [More]