Why McClean needs to win the Ballon d'Or.

22 Feb 2012
by Gary Guilfoyle
Perhaps that is the only way James McClean may get to go to the Euros this summer. Giovanni Trapattoni’s drastic turnaround in calling up J... [More]

Will Ireland’s Euro appearance be a case of Clap or Trapattoni?

20 Feb 2012
by Thomas Beattie
Ever since Henry-gate dumped the Emerald Isle out of World Cup Qualifying in 2010, tournament fever has exploded in a tsunami of frenzied Trapatt... [More]

A glance at the profiles of potential England managers

20 Feb 2012
by Samuel Bennett
Having seen Capello flounce out England's fans, media and footballing association have basically laid the path clear for Harry Redknapp to a... [More]

How can Trap vindicate McClean’s exclusion?

18 Feb 2012
by Gary Guilfoyle
Can leaving the likes of James McClean, Anthony Pilkington and to a lesser extent Marc Tierney at home, in favour of bringing Darren O’Dea,... [More]

Arise Sir Harry, Problems Solved? Not Quite.

15 Feb 2012
by Cyrus Engineer
With little more than four months to go until England take on France at the Donbass Arena in Donetsk it is hard to recall the last time the natio... [More]

Mick McCarthy for England

14 Feb 2012
by Paul Lewis
With today’s sacking of Wolves manager Mick McCarthy many have suggested, admittedly mainly in jest, that he could be potentially the next ... [More]

Whoever takes the England post will need to focus on the future

14 Feb 2012
by Jordan Brown
Fabio Capello stepped down from the manager position last week and for some people that is a big negative going into Euro 2012, and some have eve... [More]

The Precarious Predicament of Harry Redknapp

With Capello's departure and Redknapp's expected appointment, will it all turn out to be the perfect match? [More]

Game Plan for the 3 Lions?

13 Feb 2012
by R. Maunder
Its the big question looming over the heads of England supporters. Its the big question that has been looming since the 3 Lions crashed out of th... [More]

Capello's Chain Reaction

13 Feb 2012
by Premier League Boys
When Fabio Capello resigned last week, the majority of Englsih fans have tipped Spurs boss Harry Redknapp to succeed him either for the Euro Cham... [More]

Should Harry take the job? Four lions who didn't roar...

12 Feb 2012
by Rich Nelson
Would Redknapp risk his golden boy image with the media by taking on the poisoned chalice of the England job? [More]

Tottenham hold the key to the England job

11 Feb 2012
by John McDougall
Harry Redknapp is undoubtedly the favourite to replace Fabio Capello, but his present club and Daniel Levy hold the key to his future... [More]

Why would anyone want to manage England?

11 Feb 2012
by James Riches
Part 1: England's managers very rarely go quietly, and a look back at their various departures makes Capello look positively tame by comparison. [More]

The wonder of Stu?

11 Feb 2012
by dean reynolds
Pearce in 96 with his chest out, pride bursting through his veins or the sombre version from 1990, when head bowed with tears streaming down ... [More]

Which striker should England play at Euro 2012?

10 Feb 2012
by Liam Shaw
With the absence of Wayne Rooney, here I look to analyze and evaluate possible striker options for England in the Group stage of Euro 2012... [More]

Is Harry Redknapp England's saviour?

10 Feb 2012
by Richard Butler
Following his recent success in court, is Redknapp the right man to lead England? [More]

A Touch of Mac!

10 Feb 2012
by Mika Purvis
It's every young boy's dream to play Premier league football. Very few manage it but for one boy from Derry City in Northern Ireland that dream i... [More]

Couldn't Capello Have Just Waited?

09 Feb 2012
by Pete Spencer
From Sunday onwards there’s been inevitability about the decision, yet when it arrived it was a shock. Fabio Capello ends his 4-year r... [More]

A leader of men: who should be the next England Manager?

09 Feb 2012
by Craig Priest
As news spreads about Fabio Capello’s decision to stand down as England Manager, talk obviously begins about who should take over the reins... [More]