Bayern v Barcelona - Champions League Pass Masters

22 Apr 2013
by Paul Waring
This season's UEFA Champions League has once again been a joy to watch. We have witnessed some fantastic football and some outstanding individual... [More]

Champions League Semi Final Preview

20 Apr 2013
by Tim Simon
Before the Champions League semi-finals were drawn last week, there was a realisation across the footballing world that whichever ties were drawn... [More]

The Great Escape? - Deportivo

19 Apr 2013
by Donal Vaughan
After winning their last 4 games in a row, Can Deportivo avoid the drop? The answer - Sí se puede! (Yes it can be done). [More]

10 Reasons Why José Mourinho Is The Special One

13 Apr 2013
by Paul Waring
José Mourinho is considered by many to be one of the greatest managers in history. This article looks at what makes him unique and enigmatic... [More]

Dortmund & The Return Of The Beautiful Game

13 Apr 2013
by Matt Ranger
I have a confession - I've been a bit down on football recently. But then I tuned in to watch Dortmund play, and something wonderful happened... [More]

El Niño - The Renaissance of a Troubled Star

10 Apr 2013
by Cronan Yu
Fernando Torres is evidently a shadow of his former self, however, with confidence back, can he compete with the world's elite again? [More]

Tiki-Taka Versus Intelligent 'Parking the Bus'

06 Apr 2013
by Paul Waring
Will the emergence of highly-mobile, ultra-organised defensive and attacking units gradually combat tiki-taka?

What has happened to Fernando Torres?

06 Apr 2013
by James Sanderson
Now being nothing more than a punch line, once upon a time he was the headline. [More]

Real Madrid 3-0 Galatasaray: Match Analysis

05 Apr 2013
by Tyrrell Meertins
Match in a sentence Real Madrid has one foot in the Champions League semi-finals as they cruised past Galatasaray at the Santiago Bernabeu. Analy... [More]

Malaga 0-0 Borussia Dortmund: Match Analysis

05 Apr 2013
by Tyrrell Meertins
Match in a sentence Jurgen Klopp and Manuel Pellegrini have a week to plan each other's defeat in what will be a monumental Champions League seco... [More]

Al Jazeera targets Spain amid dropping viewer numbers at home

04 Apr 2013
by James M Dorsey
State-owned Qatari television network Al Jazeera is exploring the acquisition of Spain’s La Liga premier soccer league rights in a bid to e... [More]

The Future of English Football: "A Change is Gonna Come"

03 Apr 2013
by Paul Waring
Part 5 - Are we there yet? How far has English football come on the journey towards elite ambition? [More]

England's Next Generation: "A Change is Gonna Come"

02 Apr 2013
by Paul Waring
Part 4 - English and European approaches to youth development and some club academy examples. [More]

England's Spanish and German Lessons: "A Change is Gonna Come"

01 Apr 2013
by Paul Waring
Part 3 - Is England learning from how football is organised in countries like Spain and Germany?

A New Era

30 Mar 2013
by Whitehouse Address
Part V: In this final article in the series we will discuss what this 'new era' will entail. [More]

Should players be wasted away on the bench?

29 Mar 2013
by James McKinven
Have you ever wondered where that new signing your club paid millions for has gone? Chances are, he is another wasted talent amongst the ranks of... [More]

Football's New Era - Spanish Football Post Mourinho

28 Mar 2013
by Whitehouse Address
Part III: In this third article we look at Spain after Mourinho and what this means for football's future [More]

Football Psychology Speak - Staying Focused and Positive

28 Mar 2013
by Paul Waring
“I only want positive players around me" (Harry Redknapp, 31.12.12) Football, like athletics, cycling, rowing and swimming has recognised ... [More]

Italy, Netherlands, Germany and Spain closing in on Brazil 2014

28 Mar 2013
by Barries View
The last round of UEFA 2014 World Cup qualifying games until June took place on Tuesday night with the groups taking shape. Italy, Germany, the ... [More]