The Slow Demise of Spanish Competitiveness

Real Madrid and Barcelona are gradually killing off the increasingly slim chance of another team competing with them in La Liga. [More]

The Special One's Biggest Season?

11 Aug 2012
by Whitehouse Address
The Champions League is a must for Jose this season, the only issue is, can he do it? [More]

Is Spain's Success Down To Ronaldinho?

02 Aug 2012
by Whitehouse Address
Ronaldinho unlocked the box which brought about the current dominance of Spanish football [More]

10 Footballers to watch out for at the Olympics!

27 Jul 2012
by Tuaha Sohail
Lets take a look at 10 players that are likely to light up the tournament. Some exciting young talents have made the list! [More]

Why do we love European leagues?

24 Jul 2012
by Jessica Badillo
Why do we love European leagues? I bet that is a question that you all have been wondering for a long time. I probabbly can answer that because I... [More]

Why Neymar needs Barca, and vice versa.

22 Jul 2012
by Leo Wright
Neymar da Silva Santos Junior is the hottest property in world football, earning comparisons with Lionel Messi and Pele. The 20-year-old has been... [More]

"La crisis, la crisis..."

22 Jul 2012
by Daniel Cadena Jordan
While most leagues are up and about buying and selling players, Spanish football clubs seems to have come to a complete stop. [More]

How the invincible formation could be resolved

21 Jul 2012
by The Linesman
  In the world of football, there are no invincible formations. Manchester United's 4-4-2 exposed their deficit in midfield last season, los... [More]

A New Era in Spain

19 Jul 2012
by Inside Right
For the last 5-10 years, we have seen Spanish football, and more recently European football, dominated by one team: Barcelona.  Their tiki-t... [More]

The Rise of the False Nine

19 Jul 2012
by Inside Right
In recent times, we have seen huge success achieved by teams essentially playing without a 'proper' striker, or 'false No9'; the most notable exa... [More]

10 most important goals in recent times

16 Jul 2012
by Donal Vaughan
A look at the ten most important goals in modern times, judging by importance, beauty and timing. [More]

Transfer Shopping Lists of Europe's Top Clubs

15 Jul 2012
by Cyrus Engineer
The transfer market is coming to life. Here's a look at who Europe's big guns are after and why. [More]

Top 10 Managers Unfairly Sacked

14 Jul 2012
by The Sports Locker
As Nottingham Forest enter a new era under the ownership of the Al-Hasawi family, they enter it without manager Steve Cotterill. Despite only tak... [More]

The Power of La Masia.

13 Jul 2012
by Stuart Banfield
Spain have just won their third consecutive major title: Euro 2008, World Cup 2010 and Euro 2012. They have played intricate football under Vinc... [More]

Bad Move For The Croatian Playmaker

11 Jul 2012
by Chris Hermitage
With speculation growing that Luka Modric is off to the Bernabeu, I thought I would take a closer look at this move. Modric is a great talent who... [More]

Three Lessons We Learnt From Euro 2012

11 Jul 2012
by Neil Patterson
Euro 2012 is over. The best team won, but what did we learn? I look at three important lessons that this Summer's tournament taught us. [More]

Promotion and Relegation Systems of Europe

09 Jul 2012
by A. Nock
Rather naively, I used to think that all league systems were the same as the English system: Bottom 3 teams of the Premier League relegated, top ... [More]

Deportivo's squad- Enough to last?

09 Jul 2012
by Donal Vaughan
On Saturday 21st of May 2011, Real Club Deportivo La Coruna plunged into the spanish "segunda division" following a dismal season of poor results... [More]

Distortions Among Nations

08 Jul 2012
by Javier Zanetti
There is nothing eternal in this world except the change itself. How true. And no exception goes to football. Euro 2012 has been highlighting the... [More]