Post-match analysis: Reading 1-3 Tottenham

17 Sep 2012
by The Linesman
After a long break from Premier League, Reading welcomed Tottenham Hotspurs by fielding their best XI, who impressed in the loss at Stamford Brid... [More]

Joe Allen: Liverpool's Golden Boy

16 Sep 2012
by Ryan Hawkins
As Lucas Leiva’s thigh injury led to his trudging off in the 4th minute against City, the deep thud from the sinking of Liverpudlian hearts... [More]

Keeping the Handshake

16 Sep 2012
by Peter Rutzler
A brief view on why the now infamous pre-match handshakes are important to football [More]

Joey Barton: it isn't black and white

16 Sep 2012
by Richard Wilson
It’s a love hate thing. No not marmite, but Joey Barton; a 30-year-old Scouser who has single-handedly invoked reactions from fans of the ‘beauti [More]

The FA's Olympic headache

16 Sep 2012
by Anthony Eastwood
  As summer ends, and the memory fades like sunburn, there are those already predicting gloom. They are the same people, who predicted ... [More]

AVB's Tottenham Hotspur - A Work In Progress

16 Sep 2012
by Paul Rose-Troup
If there is one thing that managers of football clubs are afforded so rarely these days, it is time. This is the case in any division; whether it... [More]

The Day the BBC Dumped England

16 Sep 2012
by Christopher Gould
"With England's game a total mismatch, and with their World Cup hopes looking all but over, the BBC did something I have never seen it do..." [More]

Premier League Preview - Week 4

15 Sep 2012
by Gerry Johnston
A look ahead at the weekend's Premier League games, complete with a prediction for each game. [More]

Why the UEFA fair-play regulations aren't what they appear to be

15 Sep 2012
by Tom Kenny
Will the UEFA fair-play regulations do what they are supposed to - clean up the financial side of football? [More]

Forced to play in the Reserves.

15 Sep 2012
by Sweeperkeeper
Stories have been fervently cobbled together in the past week about how unhappy Malouda is at Chelsea; this follows his Twitter comment about how... [More]

City's £100 million Project!

15 Sep 2012
by Vivek Pandian
After read the headline,most of you think Manchester City are going to make bid for CR7 or Falco during winter transfer.If so,you are wrong then.... [More]

Sunderland vs Liverpool - Pre Match Analysis

14 Sep 2012
by Raghuvarman Sampathu
Venue: Stadium of Lights Match Referee:  M. Atkinson Gaining just a point in the opening three games of the new season has certainly increas... [More]

Predictions For QPR VS Chelsea

14 Sep 2012
by James Malin
Chelsea's first London derby is this Saturday, The Blues will be facing QPR at Loftus Road in what is sure to be a test of Chelsea's mettle. [More]

My First Time

14 Sep 2012
by Darryl Fraser
You always remember your first time. I was not a little boy, I was a 26 year old Canadian going to his first Premier League game.  I had... [More]

Is The Premier League Better Than La Liga?

Part 1: Chelsea's defeat to Atlético in the Super Cup at the end of last month saw the above inquisition come to the forefront of people's minds [More]

Assessing Manchester City new formation

14 Sep 2012
by The Linesman
Roberto Mancini attempts to strengthen the team other than signing players in the market. [More]

Forever A Fan

14 Sep 2012
by Oliver Scrimgeour
This is not an article, but a brief story and one with which all of you will be familiar. Something I've never done before: Football Fiction. [More]

Gameweek 4 preview: Tevez to rule Britannia

14 Sep 2012
by FantasyYirma FPL
Fantasy Football preview for GW4 - based on the official Premier League game by @fantasyyirma [More]