Sluggish Start for England

28 May 2012
by stephen reid
  Roy Hodgson kicked off his England career with an unspectacular 1-0 win against Norway courtesy of an Ashley Young goal in the 9th minute... [More]

Abramovich Brings 'The Blues'

28 May 2012
by Callum Henderson
Chelsea have just reached the summit of club football and whilst there is no denying how well they defended in the latter stages of this years Ch... [More]

Top 20 Transfers & analysis of how they did

27 May 2012
by Akshay Mhaskar
A different look at European transfers in 2011-12 and assessment of top 20 expensive transfers. [More]

Ten Easy Steps to Winning the Euros

27 May 2012
by Ryan ODonovan
What does the term ‘WAGs” actually stand for? Well, cultural analysts from Uzbekistan suggest that it stands for “Wives Against Goals”. [More]

Mr Chelsea: Roman Abramovich

27 May 2012
by Martin Li
  When people talk about “Mr Chelsea”, the names often thrown around are “John Terry”, “Frank Lampard” a... [More]

The Man Who Would Be King

26 May 2012
by Pete Spencer
I started following football in the 1975-76 season.  Like a lot of young kids, Kevin Keegan was my hero.  At the end of the following s... [More]

Is There A Right Way To Play?

26 May 2012
by Whitehouse Address
It appears that “purists” of the game believe that the manner and style in which the trophy was won has placed a shadow over the winners. [More]

Chelsea the Champions of Europe

26 May 2012
by Nathan Wilson
Chelsea are finally the Champions of Europe. After a disastrous run under managerial prodigy Andre Villas Boas the old firm at Chelsea steeled ... [More]

Drogba is irreplaceable

26 May 2012
by Sean Wise
Going away from my usual topic that is the glorious Liverpool (best team in the world by the way) I am today going to write about someone who, si... [More]

Bye-bye Big Four

26 May 2012
by Kieron Casey
If it was not already confirmed in the previous Premier League campaign, the last season has shown the landscape of football in England’s t... [More]

Should Liverpool be worried about FSG?

25 May 2012
by Whitehouse Address
The previous owners put the club back years, the only hope is that these US owners do not do the same. [More]

A Review of Arsenal's Season 2011-12

25 May 2012
by Richard Butler
A look back at what could prove to be a watershed season for Arsene Wenger and his side. [More]

Why Manchester United & Hazard Are Perfect For Each Other

25 May 2012
by Shantanu Ambekar
According to his agent, Eden Hazard is deciding on his future and will make his decision before 2nd June after agreeing terms with all the three ... [More]

Top 5 Controversial Moments of the Season

25 May 2012
by stephen reid
  The modern day footballer is a new breed of star, and along with some spectacular football, there has been some controversial moments wit... [More]

Why Martinez is not the right man for Liverpool

25 May 2012
by Tom Kenny
I do not believe Roberto Martinez should not be the next Liverpool manager, here is why. [More]

Pub Chat Podcast - EURO 2012 Preview & Predictions

24 May 2012
by Total Dribble
A break down of each group and we predict who will progress through each round up until the final. Will England Reach the Final? [More]

Football's dark morality problem

24 May 2012
by Adam Gray
Eleven years have now passed since Paulo Di Canio chose not to fire the ball into the empty net against Everton as goalkeeper Paul Gerrard laid p... [More]

FSG, Liverpool, decisions and the future

24 May 2012
by Jack Wells
Jack Wells gives his view on Fenway Sports Group, the candidates to succeed Kenny Dalglish and the way forward for Liverpool FC. [More]

Didier Drogba - Chelsea's Departing Hero

Drogba is to leave Chelsea after eight years, but he leaves on a high after a talismanic show in Munich etched his name into the club's history. [More]