A win at all KOSts

09 Nov 2013
by Ben White
When the name 'Laurent Koscielny' reverberated around Arsenal Football Club; the reaction was somewhat succumbed and when the fans in red and whi... [More]

The 'Real' Ballon D'or List

07 Nov 2013
by Whitehouse Address
FIFA should be more balanced with their nominations, every position should be rewarded [More]

Tactical simplicity from Newcastle and Cardiff

07 Nov 2013
by Steve Clift
This week I felt very fortunate to hear the interview Cardiff City's manager, Malky Mackay, gave to TalkSport. Having been used to... [More]

Is it finally the year for the Gunners?

06 Nov 2013
by The Linesman
The last time they mentioned about winning silverware in 2011, Laurent Koscielny comically gave it away to the relegated Birmingham at Wembley. 1... [More]

The Most Embarrassing Manager Moments

06 Nov 2013
by Warren Kingsley
So Jose wants to touch his people and goes a bit nuts, leaping into the crowd after Torres’ late winner against Manchester City. [More]

Kagawa Doomed to Fail at Manchester United?

06 Nov 2013
by Edwin Waliman
Was Shinji Kagawa's move to Manchester United doomed to fail from the start? [More]

Manchester United Should Sign Leighton Baines

06 Nov 2013
by Moyesy Time
Manchester United are currently considering whether Evra is the right man to be playing the left back role, and approaches for Everton's Leighton... [More]

Two Welsh wizards and a defining two weeks

06 Nov 2013
by Steve Clift
  There comes a time when a footballer’s rich vein of form must be given a fresh interpretation. After ten games of the Premier League... [More]

Where Did Rodgers Go Wrong Against Arsenal?

06 Nov 2013
by Raghuvarman Sampathu
After four years of consecutive disappointment, Liverpool have made a tremendous start to the season winning six of the opening 9 games. Last nig... [More]

Soccer and autocracy: Who do national football teams represent?

06 Nov 2013
by James M Dorsey
Little better illustrates the inextricable link between sports and politics than the frequent perception of Middle Eastern and North African nati... [More]

Southampton Ahoy! Or Saints Ahoho?

06 Nov 2013
by paul grin hopi
Should we take Southampton FC seriously? Warning: The following text contains knights. And breasts. And Aussie Rugby League. [More]

Why Manchester United Need Javier Hernandez

06 Nov 2013
by Chris McMillan
Despite Manchester United striker Javier Hernandez's future coming under question recently, manager David Moyes still insists that the club need ... [More]

Just Another Football Match - La Liga, Round 10

06 Nov 2013
by Nico Argentato
El Clasico, Barcelona - Real Madrid, was just another football match. Yet it seems there is more to it than just a simple game. But what exactly? [More]

Sharpening their Daggers

06 Nov 2013
by Richard Butler
Dagenham & Redbridge have been defying the odds once again. Here I look at the great job young manager Wayne Burnett has been doing in Essex. [More]

Cristiano Ronaldo needs to be respected more

06 Nov 2013
by TRCFootball.com .
To reach the top is one thing but to stay there is a far more difficult one. Over the years, Cristiano has defied so many odds, made critics take... [More]

15 Interesting Facts On The Arsenal - Liverpool Rivalry

06 Nov 2013
by TRCFootball.com .
The Merseyside giants lost to the league leaders Arsenal at the Emirates in the latest installment of this rivalry. Let's take a look at som... [More]


29 Oct 2013
by paul grin hopi
Chelsea Bomb Churl Harbour. Warning: The following text contains knots. And dog biscuits. And why Fernando Torres is an Alien Genius. [More]

Serie A - Team of the Month

28 Oct 2013
by Gerry Johnston
Meet the men who starred in Serie A between 24th September and 27th October [More]