Where next for Liverpool?

03 May 2012
by Liam Togher
From Champions League finalists to mid-table filler in five years, times have been tough for LFC fans recently [More]

Redknapp vs Hodgson: Does sexy mean success?

03 May 2012
by Rob Ferguson
A lot of England fans need to wake up – Mourinho is never going to manage England. [More]

Why are footballers idolised?

03 May 2012
by Peter Keighery
Does it really matter to you what footballers do off the field? [More]

Di Matteo - Should He Stay or Should He Go?

03 May 2012
by Vadim Furmanov
Since Roberto Di Matteo has taken over, Chelsea have seen their fortunes turn. Does the Italian's performance merit a permanent position? [More]

Unions reject World Cup-related reforms, threaten Qatar boycot

03 May 2012
by James M Dorsey
International trade unions this week rejected World Cup-related Qatari proposals to meet concerns about worker rights, including health and safet... [More]

The 6 Players That Could End Andy Carroll's Woes

03 May 2012
by Harry Hugo
Is Carroll's poor form down to his lak of ability, or the lack of service that is being provided? These are the players who could his fortune. [More]

Roy Hodgson - England Manager based on sweet FA

03 May 2012
by Niki wainwright
The FA today have announced that ‘Woy’ Roy Hodgson is to take over as England manager on a 4 year contract.  Have they no sense ... [More]

Football Boot Mania?

03 May 2012
by Jamie Evans
What is it with today’s football boots? I am a massive fan of leather boots, always have and always will. Just plain and simply the fit is ... [More]

Young boy's life saved by Soccer

03 May 2012
by Emmanuel-Kenneth Goode
How a small ardent supporter of my idol club's life was saved by Michael Akufo's goal on the evening of the Ghana's version of El Clasico [More]

What's So Ridiculous About Footballer Wages?

02 May 2012
by Stanley Jackson
Are modern footballers wages really as ridiculous as we assume? It's time to defend the indefensible. [More]

Manchester United relinquish Premier League title with a whimper

02 May 2012
by John McDougall
It what was billed as an absolute classic, a tense Manchester derby had one team who wanted to win it and another who didn’t want to lose it [More]

Hodgson is the guiding light to Enlightenment

02 May 2012
by Sam Balls
Emmanuel Kant defined Enlightenment as, ‘man’s release from his self-incurred tutelage’. Kant believed that for mankind to be c... [More]

3 reasons why Guardiola should take sabbatical at Old Trafford

02 May 2012
by Andrew Howells
Andrew Howells examines the reasons why Pep should spend his sabbatical season under the strong stewardship of the sublime, Sir Fergie. [More]

Did the Manchester Derby decide the Title?

02 May 2012
by Terry Park
A sample of Fergie's hairdryer treatment at Mancini after De Jong's tackle showed just how frustrated the Knight was at Etihad Stadium, tonight. [More]

Qatar to legalize unions as Saudi pushes closer Gulf cooperation

02 May 2012
by James M Dorsey
Qatar, in a bid to fend off an international trade union campaign against its hosting of the 2022 World Cup, is taking cautious steps to meet dem... [More]

Arsene's Panic Midfield Buys!

02 May 2012
by Callum Hoare
Wenger, was highly criticised at the start of the season for his "Panic buys", especially by his own supporter's. So did he mess up or not? [More]

Roy Hodgson's last stand for England

02 May 2012
by James Carr
Roy Hodgson should select as many Manchester United and Chelsea players for England as possible for one final shot at immortality. [More]

Bolton Wanderers Vs Spurs - Match Preview

02 May 2012
by Bert Taylor
This will be the fourth time we will have kicked off against this Bolton team this season. The second time in the Premier League and two times... [More]

Spurs, Redknapp, and the Race for Third Place

02 May 2012
by Paddy Carberry
Not all that long ago, Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp seemed to be the only man for the vacant managerial post of England. People were ... [More]