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Can Barca overturn a 10 point deficit to claim La Liga?

23 Mar 2012
by Dave Clements
There is never a dull moment when it comes to the league battle between arguably the world's 2 greatest clubs at present. The last 2 weeks have b... [More]

Chelsea's Cloud Within Champions League Silver Lining

15 Mar 2012
by Dave Clements
A possibly slightly cynical view on how Chelsea's win over Napoli changes their season [More]

Premier League: Worth a punt?

12 Aug 2011
by Dave Clements
A brief glimpse of the betting world before the season gets underway. [More]

SPL Relegation: Clear Cannon Fodder

08 Aug 2011
by Dave Clements
Last year in the S.P.L., Hamilton were favourites for more or less the whole term and ended up living up (or down) to everyone's expectations. Th... [More]