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About the Author : I love football, always have an always will. I watched, played and coached throughout my childhood and teenage years. I love watching games, I love writing about football and I love supporting it.

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Is Usmanov the change Arsenal need?

02 Jun 2012
by Niki wainwright
A few weeks ago I read an article about Alisher Usmanov. The Russian is now the richest man in his country and has for a while been part of Arse... [More]

Euro's 2012: Pain or Gain in Ukraine?

02 Jun 2012
by Niki wainwright
I didn’t watch the Panorama programme this week but I have read and heard a lot about the location of the Euro’s before and... [More]

3 Lions Yet No Roar

02 Jun 2012
by Niki wainwright
This England team that is set for the Euro’s are starting to fall apart at the seams.  To begin with Hodgson didn’t exactly pick... [More]

Roy Hodgson - England Manager based on sweet FA

03 May 2012
by Niki wainwright
The FA today have announced that ‘Woy’ Roy Hodgson is to take over as England manager on a 4 year contract.  Have they no sense ... [More]

Van Persie wins PFA Award - The best man won

24 Apr 2012
by Niki wainwright
I am so happy that Van Persie has won PFA player of the year award.  He really deserves it; not just from an Arsenal fan’s point of vi... [More]

Who failed most this season - The FA or the Referees?

24 Apr 2012
by Niki wainwright
The Premier League season is almost at an end and I think it has been a weird season to say the least.  The two epic fails of this season ar... [More]

Arsenal and Chelsea sign up for NextGen

21 Apr 2012
by Niki wainwright
Arsenal and Chelsea have announced they have both signed up their youth teams to the NextGen Series which is a fantastic idea.  The NextGen ... [More]

Manager Merry-Go-Round

17 Apr 2012
by Niki wainwright
What manager's will go where in the summer transfer window? [More]