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About the Author : Number 1 Arsenal fan in Africa and proud to be a gooner!!

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Articles by this Author

Arsenal: Lacking A Little Bit The Oil

29 Aug 2012
by Patson Kaumba
Wide attacking areas are where we need more direct, typical wingers. Perhaps we need Jesus. No, not Christ but Navas. [More]

Patience Gunners, Patience

22 Aug 2012
by Patson Kaumba
I know a good-looking Frenchman when I see one. Olivier Giroud, in the short time that he was on the pitch convinced me that he is a good striker [More]

Not The Same As Last Year At Arsenal

27 Jul 2012
by Patson Kaumba
Whereas our club captain continues to be a c**t, it is not the same as last year. This year we have already signed international strikers. [More]