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About the Author : I am an aspiring sports journalist who is in love with the beautiful game of football. So come read what I have to say. You might agree, you might not, but Im sure youll find it interesting!

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Articles by this Author

Brilliant Bayern Crush Barca

24 Apr 2013
by Michael Todt
They are irresistible. They are unstoppable. Clinical and ruthless. They are Bayern Munich. [More]

The business of Arsenal

22 Feb 2013
by Michael Todt
It’s all about finishing in the top four, filling the pockets of the executives, and doing so under the guise of a “philosophy.” [More]

Giving Luis A Hand

08 Jan 2013
by Michael Todt
Was it a handball? Without question. Was it deliberate? I think so, but largely instinctive. Hardly a diabolical strategy that he’s planned [More]

Can the FA kick racism out of football?

24 Oct 2012
by Michael Todt
The recent controversy surrounding racism in football reached fever pitch amidst shocking scenes in last week’s U21 international between England [More]

A new era for Arsenal?

18 Sep 2012
by Michael Todt
But Arsenal absorbed. Structured and composed, they waited.And they seized their opportunities. The polar opposite to the Arsenal of recent years [More]