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Blackburn Rovers: Safety First

07 May 2013
by Glenn Entwistle
As the curtains close on another Championship season, Blackburn Rovers just about avoided a second successive relegation – just about. [More]

Is all PR good PR at Ewood Park?

08 Apr 2013
by Glenn Entwistle
In January 2013, Blackburn Rover employed the services of a sports PR company, but has this really changed anything and are the Venkys to blame? [More]

Gone in 67 days

22 Mar 2013
by Glenn Entwistle
Another manager is shown the door at Ewood Park, the 4th this season. What is the problem with the club and can they be saved before its too late [More]

When Plan B becomes the A-Plan

17 Mar 2013
by Glenn Entwistle
Blackburn gave up the best chance of getting to Wembley even before they kicked a ball, but that is just the start of their problems [More]

3 in & 7 out at Blackburn Rovers

06 Feb 2013
by Glenn Entwistle
The transfer window has seen 7 players leave at Ewood Park, but one big player remains... [More]

4-4-2 is dead. Long live 4-4-2

24 Jan 2013
by Glenn Entwistle
Recent years has seen the disappearence of the classic 4-4-2 but does it still have a place in the upper leagues, or for Blackburn Rovers? [More]

The Cirque de Soleil Ewood Continues

30 Dec 2012
by Glenn Entwistle
The last two years have seen Blackburn Rovers go from a respected well run Premiership club, to a laughing stock resembling a circus [More]

8 Weeks is a Long Time in Football for Blackburn Rovers

19 Nov 2012
by Glenn Entwistle
Back in September Blackburn Rovers sat top of the Championship, now they are sixth, but their fans aren't complaining, & the future looks bright [More]

The Man At Centre Stage

02 Nov 2012
by Glenn Entwistle
Referess used to be seen and not heard, and it made for a better game - what has happened and how do we go back? [More]

Henning Berg's Blue and White Army

01 Nov 2012
by Glenn Entwistle
As Henning Berg takes the reigns at Ewood Park, it seems some Blackburn fans haven't taken to kindly to his appointment, but what did they expect [More]

The Last Laugh at Ewood Park

22 Oct 2012
by Glenn Entwistle
It is a month since Steve Kean left Ewood Park, but it has now been the return to grace many Blackburn fans where hoping for [More]

The Hottest Hot Seat in Football

14 Oct 2012
by Glenn Entwistle
As Blackburn Rovers search for a new manager, a lifelong Rover looks at the candidates and who is realistic, and who can/should be ruled out [More]

Daniel Sturridge – Harbinger of Doom

13 Oct 2012
by Glenn Entwistle
Owen Coyle was sacked last week from his role at Bolton Wanderers - but does the problem go further back than even last season? [More]