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About the Author : Sports Journalism student. Sunderland Uni. Sunderland fan. Twitter junkie. Football Manager addict. Messi enthusiast. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Cheers.

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Asamoah Gyan: World Hero to World Zero

08 Jul 2012
by Michael Potts
He was the face of a World Cup, now he's intent on throwing it all away. [More]

The Brilliance of Penalties

26 Jan 2012
by Michael Potts
Love them or hate them, they're the only way to settle the score. [More]

Around The World In 18 Saves

20 Oct 2011
by Michael Potts
Schmeichel. Banks. Casillas. Buffon. Higuita... But which is best? [More]

The Championship. The Most Underrated League in the World?

15 Oct 2011
by Michael Potts
Is the downfall of 'big clubs' leading to a better standard of second tier football? [More]

The England line-up for Brazil 2014

11 Oct 2011
by Michael Potts
It's less than 3 years untill our next World Cup quarter final penalty failure but who will be lining up for the Three Lions in Brazil? [More]

And England's next manager is...

06 Oct 2011
by Michael Potts
Who will replace Don Fabio in the hunt for a trophy with England. [More]

Where is it all going wrong for Steve Bruce and Sunderland?

30 Sep 2011
by Michael Potts
It was all looking so promising...but life as a Sunderland fan is never, ever easy... [More]

The 10 Worst England Players of this Century

26 Sep 2011
by Michael Potts
106 Players have been capped for England since 2000. Ten of those have left us scratching our heads as to why... 10. Jermaine Jenas We begin wi... [More]

Could Messi Cut it in the Premiership?

25 Sep 2011
by Michael Potts
"I have seen the player who will inherit my place in Argentine football and his name is Messi." - Diego Maradona [More]