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Swansea's continued success is no accident

30 Aug 2012
by Paddy von Behr
Swansea City chairman Huw Jenkins has perfected the art of hiring managers and the appointment of Michael Laudrup is no different [More]

11 Top Pre-Season Stories

09 Aug 2012
by Paddy von Behr
The Shocks, The Unsurprising & The Heart-Warming - The start of the new Premiership season is fast approaching and here's what's happened so far [More]

The Value of International Exposure

12 Jun 2012
by Paddy von Behr
A player's performance at a major international tournament can hugely alter their value, but why such an effect after just a handful of games? [More]

Dominating the Asian market - Fergie’s cash cows

09 Jun 2012
by Paddy von Behr
Park Ji-Sung, Shinji Kagawa, Dong Fangzhuo? Sir Alex Ferguson has perfected the art of capturing the lucrative Asian market [More]

England at the Euros: The Attacking Options

07 Jun 2012
by Paddy von Behr
With injuries all but confirming the back four and central midfield, England's attacking options form the basis for Roy Hodgson's big decisions [More]

Season Report Card of Premiership Managers

04 May 2012
by Paddy von Behr
As the Premiership season nears its conclusion, it's time for a look at which managers have exceeded expectations and which have fallen short. [More]

Abramovich Holding Back The Blues

05 Mar 2012
by Paddy von Behr
The Chelsea chairman's impatience is preventing the club from progressing in the way others have under long-term management [More]

The Border Between Passion and Idiocy

18 Feb 2012
by Paddy von Behr
Twitter has made the personal very public and a select few have given it a malevolent side [More]

Lee Clark Sacked: Draconian Action or a Shrewd Decision?

17 Feb 2012
by Paddy von Behr
Despite good form and loyalty to the club Lee Clark has parted ways with Huddersfield Town, but how will the fans feel? [More]

The Lambert Revolution

13 Feb 2012
by Paddy von Behr
It has been an incredible two and a half years for Norwich City and one man can afford to take a lot of the credit.... [More]

England's Striking Options for Euro 2012

04 Feb 2012
by Paddy von Behr
There's still a few months until the European Championships but it's time for the hopefuls to impress Fabio Capello [More]

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain: Not The New Walcott

25 Jan 2012
by Paddy von Behr
With an exciting display at the weekend, the Arsenal teenager continued to show he is so much more than just the next Theo Walcott [More]

Who Will Win The Race To Sign Jordan Rhodes?

18 Jan 2012
by Paddy von Behr
Scouts have been flocking to The Galpharm Stadium to watch the in-form striker, but where will he end up? [More]

Female Officials: Is all the criticism misplaced?

13 Jan 2012
by Paddy von Behr
Wherever female officials go, controversial comments soon follow. Are they justified or do we need to tackle sexism head-on? [More]

The Winners and Losers of the African Cup of Nations

06 Jan 2012
by Paddy von Behr
The African Cup of Nations: Who's going, who's staying and what does it mean for Premiership managers? [More]

Jermain Defoe deserves a seat on the Euro 2012 plane

05 Jan 2012
by Paddy von Behr
The Spurs striker is looking as sharp as ever this season and his England record is better than most give him credit for [More]

The Best and Worst Signings of the Summer

19 Dec 2011
by Paddy von Behr
A look back at the first half of the Premier League season and which of the summer signings have fared best and worst since arriving [More]

Drenthe Key For Toothless Everton

18 Dec 2011
by Paddy von Behr
Royston Drenthe can make the difference and get a stagnant Everton side going... [More]

The rise of the tricky playmaker

09 Dec 2011
by Paddy von Behr
Modric, Mata and Silva have taken centre stage in the Premiership and show no signs of slowing down [More]

David Luiz: The Great Entertainer

06 Dec 2011
by Paddy von Behr
Luiz's bright start at Stamford Bridge didn't last too long but AVB is keeping faith in the Brazilian [More]