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About the Author : Fan of statistical analysis of team and player performance. Also like looking at tactical trends and developments. Main focus is on the Premier League and International football.

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How the major European leagues progressed in 2011

07 Jan 2012
by Richard Nash
2011 points-per-game statistics for the Premier League, Primera Division, Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1, and the comparison to 2010. [More]

Man City vs Liverpool – A Tactical Preview

03 Jan 2012
by Richard Nash
Tonight’s meeting between Man City and Liverpool at the Etihad Stadium is undoubtedly a big game for both clubs. Following defeat at Sunder... [More]

How Premier League clubs’ 2011 form compares to previous years?

03 Jan 2012
by Richard Nash
The league season may be the obvious way to track a club’s success, but a calendar year might be a better method to track a club’s pr... [More]