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About the Author : Half Italian, half English - aspiring football journalist. Long suffering Cambridge United fan. Currently studying at Sixth Form college. Follow me on Twitter: @julianroberts3

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Articles by this Author

The PSG transformation

10 Aug 2012
by Julian Roberts
Some believe football is totally run by money. PSG's newly found income is the perfect example of this. [More]

Il Derby Campagnolo: A small derby with a huge story

28 Jun 2012
by Julian Roberts
Pistoiese and Prato share one of the most violent derbies in Italian football - but no one seems to have heard of it. [More]

The Tale of an Underdog: Why Hodgson is perfect for England

17 May 2012
by Julian Roberts
When Fabio Capello left the England post vacant at the beginning of February, speculation was rife that there was only one man for the job... [More]