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Favourite Club : Real Madrid
About the Author : A student at Imperial College London, studying Mechanical Engineering. My love for football started at a young age and since then it has grown beyond belief. I am a Real Madrid supporter with a passio

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The Stage Is Set

30 Apr 2013
by Oscar Pipita Hero
On a night like today, a night that could potentially be one of the greatest footballing nights in the history of the Champions League ... [More]

Style and Art of Football

10 Nov 2012
by Oscar Pipita Hero
Years ago I was sitting in Spain, drinking a mojito, discussing the devine beauties of this world. Being who I am, I decided to put my views out ... [More]

What Are We Without Teammates ?

02 Nov 2012
by Oscar Pipita Hero
Any sport in this world requires a certain level of team effort, whether its a coach-player relationship or an actual team sport. ... [More]

Club and Heart

23 Oct 2012
by Oscar Pipita Hero
Today, whilst watching Athletico play Real Sociedad, I heard the commentator comment about Antoine Griezmann's possible move to Athleti... [More]