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Favourite Club : Newcastle United
About the Author : First year English Language student at Sheffield Hallam University. Editor/writer/creator The Wounded Magpie blog. In a long-term love affair with Newcastle United.

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Stories like this are designed to warm the heart.

23 Jan 2013
by Holly Evans
You're not likely to find many people out there that could have predicted this but that is just the beauty of football; dare to dream. [More]

Newcastle and Sunderland - where has it all gone wrong?

30 Nov 2012
by Holly Evans
If you look back to last season, this scenario would be unthinkable yet look at where we are now. Football, eh? [More]

Oh, QPR.

24 Nov 2012
by Holly Evans
I'm sure the last one of these was only written two days ag...oh. [More]

Oh, Chelsea.

21 Nov 2012
by Holly Evans
Allow me to start off by quoting a line from last night's post regarding Chelsea's 3-0 defeat away to Juventus. It is once again the Champions Le... [More]

The Message Was Simple For Chelsea: Win.

20 Nov 2012
by Holly Evans
And what did they do? Well, they didn't win that's for sure. FINAL SCORE: Juventus 3 (Quagliarella 38, Vidal 61, Giovinco 90+1) - 0 Chelsea [More]

Celtic raise the roof in show-stopper with Barcelona

08 Nov 2012
by Holly Evans
Celtic win 2-1 on an unforgettable night at Parkhead against the Spanish giants. [More]

Match report: Reading 5 - 7 Arsenal

31 Oct 2012
by Holly Evans
Imagine being one of those Arsenal fans that left before half time.... [More]

Why can't Manchester City deliver in the Champions League?

30 Oct 2012
by Holly Evans
That is certainly how it seems at the moment as, by their own admission, it is likely that they're not going to make it into the knock-out stages... [More]