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About the Author : Richard Wilson is a social media enthusiast who fell into PR after graduating from university with a 2.1 and now, at 27, is embarking on an NCTJ fast track course in print journalism.

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We are family: Ajax building for the future, by using the past.

07 Nov 2012
by Richard Wilson
May 24, 1995, Ajax faced AC Milan – appearing in their third Champions League final in as many years – and captained by the great Fra... [More]

FA Cup Iconic Moments: What Became Of...

25 Oct 2012
by Richard Wilson
In a mini-series, I am taking a look at what happened to some of the clubs involved in the FA Cup's iconic upsets, starting with Hereford United. [More]

Looking back at 20 years of the Premier League

14 Oct 2012
by Richard Wilson
The 2012/13 season makes it 20 years since the Premier League was founded in February 1992. [More]

ACL attacks again

10 Oct 2012
by Richard Wilson
Liverpool's Martin Kelly fell foul to one of the most frequent injuries in professional sports today. [More]

Roys tube gaffe was hardly news

07 Oct 2012
by Richard Wilson
England manager Roy Hodgson made a gaffe this week when he told tube passengers that the England career of Rio Ferdinand was over. [More]

Joey Barton: it isn't black and white

16 Sep 2012
by Richard Wilson
It’s a love hate thing. No not marmite, but Joey Barton; a 30-year-old Scouser who has single-handedly invoked reactions from fans of the ‘beauti [More]

Is Wenger being too nostalgic?

09 Sep 2012
by Richard Wilson
Arsene Wenger, he has become somewhat like a fond childhood memory, a bit like ‘Gordon the Gofer’ or ‘Live and Kicking’.&... [More]

Hodgson uses the trusty old faithful 4-4-2

21 Jun 2012
by Richard Wilson
The old faithful comes out to help England produce gritty performances on their way to the next way [More]

Why van Marwijk should go after Euro 2012 debacle

19 Jun 2012
by Richard Wilson
Can a coach who went to the World Cup finals two years ago and has a 65 per cent win rate, actually get the chop? [More]

Advocaat goes out the same way he came in

17 Jun 2012
by Richard Wilson
It's as cliché as they come, but what a difference a week in football can make, and no team epitomises that saying quite like Russia right now. [More]