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About the Author : 28 year old Grimsby Town supporter. Football fan. Sunday league player. Junior football coach. Occasional football writer. Previously an author at Soccerlens. Follow me on Twitter: @TommyBryan84

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Focus on the Race to the Football League

18 Feb 2013
by Tommy Bryan
A look at the most open Conference title-race in recent years and a review of who is likely to come out on top to seal promotion. [More]

Problem Position to Embarassment of Riches

24 Sep 2012
by Tommy Bryan
How England's desperate search for a left-back has gone full circle and now sees four genuine contenders for the position. [More]

Parents Are The Key to England's Improvement

26 Jun 2012
by Tommy Bryan
Why the parents of children in junior football could now hold the key to England producing world class players of the future. [More]

Disappointing Dutch Get What They Deserve In Group B Opener

10 Jun 2012
by Tommy Bryan
As one of the pre-tournament favourites, Holland had a lot to live up to in their opening game against Denmark. Impressing on their way to the Wo... [More]

Vardy Transfer Shows Continued Growth of Non-League Football

20 May 2012
by Tommy Bryan
In the wake of Jamie Vardy's £1million transfer to Leicester City, we take a look at 15 non-league players to move for big money in recent years. [More]

Cole Uses Champions League to Pronounce World Class Quality

20 May 2012
by Tommy Bryan
A look at how Ashley Cole has used the Champions League as a stage to announce, without any doubt, that he is a truly world class left-back. [More]

Puyol Puts English Stars to Shame by Valuing Team before Ego

13 May 2012
by Tommy Bryan
Carlos Puyol steps aside for Spain rather than letting his ego harm their chances. English 'stars' past, present and future - please take note. [More]

Why Spurs should welcome an approach for Harry Redknapp

26 Apr 2012
by Tommy Bryan
Has Harry taken Spurs as far as he can? Read why Tottenham should welcome the inevitable end-of-season approach from the FA for their manager. [More]

Five players to watch in the Blue Square Premier Division

18 Apr 2012
by Tommy Bryan
Five players to watch in the ever-improving Blue Square Bet Premier Division. [More]

Phantom goal shouldn’t mask Chelsea dominance

17 Apr 2012
by Tommy Bryan
Whilst most of the post-match talk will be of the goal that shouldn't have been, Chelsea gave their finest performance of the season to show they... [More]

Bravery and Belief The Missing Ingredients For Fulham

10 Apr 2012
by Tommy Bryan
Why Fulham should have more belief in their ability and how the bravery to do so may have resulted in a better points return in two recent games. [More]

Five Players Likely To Attract Transfer Interest This Summer

04 Apr 2012
by Tommy Bryan
Here are five Premier League players likely to be on the wanted list of several rival managers this summer. [More]

Why Glenn Hoddle Should Be Considered For England

27 Mar 2012
by Tommy Bryan
A look at why Glenn Hoddle should be considered as a strong contender for the England manager position. [More]

A Tale of Second Half Subs At The Etihad Stadium

25 Mar 2012
by Tommy Bryan
The contrasting impacts of four second half substitutions and why Mancini deserves a lot of credit for Manchester City's victory over Chelsea. [More]