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A tactical analysis of Arsenal 1-2 Manchester United

23 Jan 2012
by Sam Thompson
After getting back in the game from a Robin Van Persie goal, Arsenal were unable to hold on for a point and a late Danny Welbeck goal leaves the ... [More]

Tactical Analysis of City's 3-2 win over Spurs

23 Jan 2012
by Sam Thompson
The first half was played out by two teams who were happy to sit deep and wait for the other side to make the first move, but after the break bot... [More]

Tactical Analysis: Real Madrid 1-2 Barcelona

19 Jan 2012
by Sam Thompson
A tactical report from the first leg of the Copa Del Rey encounter between Real Madrid and Barcelona [More]

The winners and losers of the festive period

16 Jan 2012
by Sam Thompson
A look at the winner and losers in the Premier League from the festive period [More]

Tactical analysis: Manchester City 0-1 Liverpool

15 Jan 2012
by Sam Thompson
A tactical look at the recent Carling Cup semi-final First Leg between Manchester City and Liverpool. [More]