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About the Author : The beautiful game, soccer, football, what ever you call it we love it and we cant stop talking about it. Live in South Africa but played the game all over the world. Love to have a laugh.

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Articles by this Author

Rooney Is Annoying

29 Aug 2012
by Eric Moda
...conceding a goal because the linesman has the vision of a geriatric mole with the wrong prescription lenses… in a bag… [More]

Remember Your First Pair Of Football Boots

18 Aug 2012
by Eric Moda
There were only three boys playing but they were having the time of their life. No boots, no grass and a ball so battered you would swear... [More]

Olympics 2nd Most Watched Sporting Event – Really?

19 Jul 2012
by Eric Moda
The Olympics is the second most watched sporting event on the planet. My immediate response was, “Rubbish it’s not even real sport.” [More]

Top 5 Best And Worst of Euro 2012

02 Jul 2012
by Eric Moda
Football is a game played by 22 men kicking a leather ball around and in the end Germany win... let's change that to Spain. [More]