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About the Author : Just graduated from UEA with a 2:1 in Film and English. I am 21 years old and new to blogging. If my articles have any success they should hopefully be both entertaining and thought-provoking.

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The Paolo Di Canio Saga: Football Should Be Careful Not To Judge

08 Apr 2013
by Steven Salter
  This week the Paolo Di Canio is he/isn't he a fascist furore has been strewn across the back pages of newspapers and on television after ... [More]

Soccernomics: Fantasy Football or Football Fantasy?

20 Jan 2013
by Steven Salter
Article exploring ideas put forward by Simon Kuper and Stefan Szymanski in their book 'Soccernomics'. [More]

Rodgers to Loan out Carroll: Statement of Authority or Naivety?

12 Jul 2012
by Steven Salter
Rodgers seems determined to bring his brand of possession football to Liverpool, but will he come to regret losing a potential plan B? [More]