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Articles by this Author

Foreign Ownership. Is The Grass Greener On The Other Side.

12 Sep 2012
by Liam Bringloe
Questions are being raised over the increasing amount of foreign ownership in English football. Every supporter would love to see their club foll... [More]

A City United.

11 Sep 2012
by Liam Bringloe
Brief views on the incredible solidarity of mersyside in the most tragic circumstances. [More]

Giving Something Back - Footballers making the right headlines

03 Sep 2012
by Liam Bringloe
Footballers live a very public existence and it has become all too common to see high profile names become involved in tabloid scandals. We have ... [More]

Greedy Footballers. The Other Point of View.

03 Sep 2012
by Liam Bringloe
A footballer receives little sympathy from the general public when suffering hardship in the workplace. A manager can speak openly to the press s... [More]

We Support Our Local Team, No Really, We Do.

31 Aug 2012
by Liam Bringloe
Guisborough Town play their football in the ‘Northern League Division One’ and it would be a fair assumption to make that a trip to t... [More]

The rise of the supporters.

30 Aug 2012
by Liam Bringloe
Football, the working class sport, is in danger of being taken over by the prawn sandwich brigade. Ticket prices are soaring, over the top stewar... [More]