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About the Author : 21, student at University of Lincoln, studying History. Tottenham Hotspur supporter, follower of my home team (Grimsby Town)and crave disappointment (England).

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Premier League Week One: Saturday review.

20 Aug 2012
by Joshua Davie
Arsenal 0 - 0 Sunderland Arsenal and Sunderland played out a goalless draw in the Gunners’ first game without Robin van Persie.  New s... [More]

Luka Modric: Tottenham's loss or gain?

13 Jul 2012
by Joshua Davie
With Luka Modric packing his bags and waiting at the airport for news on where to fly for his new club, it seems logical to assess what Tottenham... [More]

England - Give it 20 years.

11 Jul 2012
by Joshua Davie
English football is falling behind in youth football standards.  Until the "we must win" mentality of youth coaches is eradicated and replac... [More]

England are not world class.

05 Jul 2012
by Joshua Davie
England are not world class.  Let's face it, for at least the forseeable future, we will not challenge the world elite.  Germany have s... [More]

So where would Gylfi fit in? And where to Spurs go from here?

28 Jun 2012
by Joshua Davie
Yesterday, the news stated that Gylfi Sigurdsson would turn down a move to join Liverpool and former boss Brendan Rodgers for a move to White Har... [More]