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Favourite Club : Liverpool
About the Author : Push me for an answer and Ill admit to supporting Liverpool; but I would prefer to call myself a neutral. Football is so much better when you take off the rose-tinted specs.

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Mythbusting? Investigating the 10 Game Myth

17 Aug 2013
by James Sanderson
At the top and bottom of the league, how much is the table already decided after 10 games? [More]

The Truth About Pepe Reina's Loan Move

30 Jul 2013
by James Sanderson
If Liverpool have replaced Pepe Reina and no longer need him, why would they allow him to leave on loan? [More]

The Global Popularity of Football

28 Jul 2013
by James Sanderson
Often described as being the ‘Global Game’ or as being a ‘Global Language’, football’s status as an international s... [More]

The Importance of Planning the Next Manager

12 Apr 2013
by James Sanderson
A change of managers is now commonplace in football, but doing it well and doing it badly can often be the difference between success and failure [More]

What has happened to Fernando Torres?

06 Apr 2013
by James Sanderson
Now being nothing more than a punch line, once upon a time he was the headline. [More]

The Case For Pre-Qualification

25 Mar 2013
by James Sanderson
What do the players think? What do the minnows think? Is it logistically possible? [More]

Jack Wilshere: Future Captain, Leader, Legend?

22 Feb 2013
by James Sanderson
Just how good is this guy, and what does he represent for the English national team? [More]

The Short Tenure of Managers

07 Feb 2013
by James Sanderson
Will short-term managerial reigns be the norm or is there another option? [More]

How Good Were The Old Firm Teams?

05 Feb 2013
by James Sanderson
For me, the higher reaches of the Championship or the bottom of the Premiership is where I see them realistically [More]

The Development of the Game: The Corinthian Spirit

21 Jan 2013
by James Sanderson
Following the success of Sport Club Corinthians Paulista, or simply Corinthians, it seems apt to tell the story of the original Corinthians [More]

Stat Attack: Possession Per Shot On Target

20 Jan 2013
by James Sanderson
How about a statistic for the greatest team? I wonder if it can exist [More]

The Development of the Game: The Referee

04 Jan 2013
by James Sanderson
This is the first instalment of ‘The Development of the Game’, a series of articles which charts the creation and development of... [More]

The Development of Danny Welbeck

01 Jan 2013
by James Sanderson
For a player with a blossoming international career he should not be content with sitting on the United bench [More]

The Chelsea Model: Does Stability Equal Success?

10 Dec 2012
by James Sanderson
It could be possible that in the short term with a large pot of cash, changing managers is the quickest way to success [More]

Luis Suarez: Wasteful Playmaker or Prolific Goalscorer?

30 Nov 2012
by James Sanderson
Sure, he’s a great player with a lot of dubious activity on the side, but a goalscorer? [More]

Where Did It All Go Wrong For Liverpool?

22 Nov 2012
by James Sanderson
The club has experienced a remarkable fall from grace and face a tough battle to return to challenging for the top 4, let alone hoping to win the [More]

Will Messi ever be called 'the best of all time'?

17 Nov 2012
by James Sanderson
It might as well be accepted now that nobody will ever unanimously agree on his status compared to the other contenders, Diego Maradona or Pele [More]

Premier League Review After 10 Games

09 Nov 2012
by James Sanderson
It’s time to highlight a few landmarks and hand out a few awards at this landmark point in the season [More]