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About the Author : African born and raised but studying in the United States. Fascinated by the tactical, psychological and behind the scenes aspect of the game.

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Japanese football on the cusp of greatness.

30 Jul 2012
by Fidelis Okonkwo
As I write this piece, I assure you that this is not a quick reactionary article to Japan’s 1-0 upset over a Spain Olympic team that includ... [More]

Why Van Persie is not irreplaceable?

26 Jul 2012
by Fidelis Okonkwo
As much as people criticize Arsene Wenger fairly or unfairly, one thing can we can agree on is that for the most part, he knows how to develop, a... [More]

Scouting report of Victor Moses

06 Jul 2012
by Fidelis Okonkwo
  With the Euro 2012 completed, soccer withdrawals begin, and the only thing that keeps soccer fans interested before August is the transfer... [More]

False number 9, false defender, what is it all about?

25 Jun 2012
by Fidelis Okonkwo
As the years progress, football becomes less rigid and more dynamic. From full backs becoming more involved in the attack to wingers playing... [More]

Defining & Memorable Moments of Euro 2012 Group Stage

23 Jun 2012
by Fidelis Okonkwo
The first round of the Euros have come and gone and we are into the knock out phase. The Anchorrole gives out its early impressions so ... [More]

Why did we underestimate Portugal?

23 Jun 2012
by Fidelis Okonkwo
When the group stages for the Euro 2012 championship was announced, we saw the Germany, Denmark, Portugal and Holland group as the 'group of deat... [More]