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About the Author : Delroy Alexander is Chairman of Sacred Sports Foundation, a not for profit in St. Lucia-Founded by former LCFC and MTCFmanager Keith Alexander.The charity is the Caribbean arm of F.A.R.E.

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Greater Moral Not Technical Guidance Needed

07 Dec 2012
by Delroy Alexander
Amid our glances towards Amsterdam and our condolences, is there a greater need for moral rather than technical guidance in the youth game?. [More]

A Bridge Too Far

24 Nov 2012
by Delroy Alexander
Why not a black candidate for such a prestigious post. No. Stop laughing, I’m serious! [More]

Time for a "Robert's Rule"

28 Oct 2012
by Delroy Alexander
Sir Alex. This is a societal thing. A reality for young people of colour is that the world you command has been unquestionably unfair to us in ma [More]

Experience Counts

13 Sep 2012
by Delroy Alexander
“Buck” Rodgers better bring something of a cosmic force to Liverpool or he’s likely to be frozen out... [More]

Black professional players have had enough

16 Aug 2012
by Delroy Alexander
Wow. You have to laugh or else you cry, when you think of the blatant socialisation and issues of racism and bias that recent cases have raised [More]

Psycho Has Lost The Plot For Team Great Britain

30 Jun 2012
by Delroy Alexander
Great Britain coach Stuart Pearce has once again shown he is hopelessly out of his depth and has unfortunately lived up to the “Psycho” nickname [More]

Loss of Conscience in the Beautiful Game

20 May 2012
by Delroy Alexander
For a start, Rio may have lost a step of pace but he is still and always will be an infinitely better defender than John Terry. [More]

Call me the Lone Ranger

21 Apr 2012
by Delroy Alexander
Has there already been a sea change within the English game that will ultimately see more people of colour involved in the boardroom. [More]

Football’s Unifying Power

24 Mar 2012
by Delroy Alexander
The game should be proud of the way it responded to a difficult situation [More]

Why Football Management needs Quotas

09 Mar 2012
by Delroy Alexander
Radical action is needed to change the balance of the English game. [More]

Seeing an Ugly Reflection in the Mirror - Arriverderci Fabio!

09 Feb 2012
by Delroy Alexander
It would be so easy to criticize former England manager Fabio Capello for his inability to get the England team to perform well enough to compete... [More]

Sport in Black & White

17 Jan 2012
by Delroy Alexander
I don’t want to blame racism in the game for everything but I do want to blame it for a lot. [More]