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The A-Z of Pep Guardiola

28 Apr 2012
by Joe Lamb
A – Al-Ahli. The club Pep played with towards the end of his career. Could he feel this would be a nice footballing back water to chil... [More]

How much longer can Liverpool and Dalglish stagnate?

23 Mar 2012
by Joe Lamb
If any other manager had spent as much and lost a place in the league table then they would have found themselves out of a job - ask AVB. [More]

The Bridge soap opera continues, but who would want the job?

09 Mar 2012
by Joe Lamb
Whoever takes on what is becoming an impossible job, another few episodes of the Stamford Bridge soap opera are likely to write themselves. [More]

Villas-Boas in for the long haul, but that isn't the Chelsea way

17 Feb 2012
by Joe Lamb
Abramovich visits, texts to Mourinho, blazing rows - just another week at the Bridge [More]

Look who's back, back again... Tevez!

15 Feb 2012
by Joe Lamb
Tevez returns to Manchester but might find himself straight back in the dog house [More]

Euro 2012 discredited as a competition before it even begins

07 Dec 2011
by Joe Lamb
One of the key issues surrounding Euro 2012 got lost in the shuffle. That issue is the weakening of the tournament before it has even begun... [More]

O'Neill aims to brighten up the Stadium of Light

07 Dec 2011
by Joe Lamb
A manager is generally only as good as his squad and unfortunately, this squad just isn’t that good. [More]

Pressue on Villas-Boas grows as overlord Hiddink waits in wings

22 Nov 2011
by Joe Lamb
Gary Neville’s suggestion that Luiz’s movement is like he is being controlled by a ten year old with a Playstation, look to be on the money. [More]