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Favourite Club : Liverpool
About the Author : Avid Liverpool fan, been following the game since 1976. Keen to write about football as I always seem to have an opinion. I also play, and write about, Football Manager, a lot.

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The Oldest International Fixture

24 Sep 2013
by Pete Spencer
First played at Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow on 30th November 1872, England v Scotland is the oldest international fixture in football.  On We... [More]

A Moment in Time - Northern Ireland 1982

18 Sep 2013
by Pete Spencer
In 1958 Northern Ireland became the smallest country to qualify for the World Cup when they reached the finals in Sweden.  Then they had kno... [More]

Why International Football Matters

18 Sep 2013
by Pete Spencer
I was listening to a discussion recently about whether Gareth Bale’s football career would not be complete as he is unlikely to appear in a... [More]

Dinamo Zagreb - A Story of Power, Money and Corruption

05 Jul 2013
by Pete Spencer
A club which wins their domestic League 15 times in 22 seasons, finishing 2nd on a further 3 occasions, along with 12 domestic cups would be famo... [More]

Is This The Least Competitive League in Europe?

30 Jun 2013
by Pete Spencer
It is without doubt the Champions League has made an enormous difference to domestic leagues around Europe, mainly down to the disproportionate s... [More]

A Week's A Long Time in Football

30 Jun 2013
by Pete Spencer
BULGARIAN PREMIER LEAGUE – 2012-13 Newcomers Ludogorets had won the title at their first season in the Premier League, having won the Seco... [More]

A Unique European Rivalry

24 Jun 2013
by Pete Spencer
When people talk about European club football in the 70’s they will often talk about Bayern Munich and Ajax but two clubs were to dominate ... [More]

English Football's Greatest Goalscorer

20 Jun 2013
by Pete Spencer
Which English player scored most goals during their career?  Bobby Charlton holds the record for 49 goals for England and his career total r... [More]

Championship Stakes - The Race for Survival

16 May 2013
by Pete Spencer
One of the improvements to League football I love is the final day bash where all teams from the same division kick-off at the same time.  I... [More]

David and Goliath

10 May 2013
by Pete Spencer
Is David Moyes ready for Manchester United? More to the point, are United ready for Moyes?

Loic Remy - Oui or Non?

02 May 2013
by Pete Spencer
  After QPR confirmed their participation in next season’s Championship, speculation has been rife about the how many of their current... [More]

Memories of Underhill

01 May 2013
by Pete Spencer
  20th April 2013 and Barnet Football Club played their last ever game at Underhill.  Next season they move to a new ground called The ... [More]

Eats, Shoots & Leaves

25 Apr 2013
by Pete Spencer
  The title is all about the misunderstanding of a phrase when simply adding the comma changes the meaning completely.  It seems to fi... [More]

FA Cup Final Makes Way for Football

19 Apr 2013
by Pete Spencer
Like many people I grew up with the FA Cup Final.  It was the highlight of the football calendar.  Those were days when you had just tw... [More]

The Finest Exhibition of Football

15 Apr 2013
by Pete Spencer
  13th April 2013 marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of one of the greatest performances from a club in the English league.It came on a Wedn... [More]

The First World Cup

27 Mar 2013
by Pete Spencer
When was the First World Cup played?  1930?  No, 1909. Who were the first winners of the World Cup?Uruguay?  No.  Brazil? No.... [More]

England v San Marino - An Infamous History

22 Mar 2013
by Pete Spencer
On Friday England meet San Marino in a World Cup Qualifier.  It will be only the third meeting between the two nations.  The previous t... [More]

Are Owners Ruining Clubs?

21 Jan 2013
by Pete Spencer
When Nigel Adkins took over as Southampton manager, they were 18th place in League One.  The previous season they had finished one position ... [More]

A Moment in Time - When Manchester United Were Relegated

13 Jan 2013
by Pete Spencer
The season is 1973-74 and Manchester United had been in steady decline since they became the first English club to lift the European Cup in 1968.... [More]

One Day, Two Remarkable Games

07 Jan 2013
by Pete Spencer
On the final day of 1982-83 season there were two remarkable games which created headlines in their own contrasting way.  They concerned pro... [More]