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About the Author : Aspiring Sports Journalist, loves his football and Motor Sport,and writing reports/features/rants & opinions on various aspects of sport, all with a hint of sarcasm and cynicism.

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Articles by this Author

Chelsea 5-2 Leicester City

18 Mar 2012
by Joe Diamond
Report on the exciting F.A Cup Quarter-Final encounter at Stamford Bridge [More]

Match Report: Nottingham Forest 0-0 Leicester City

08 Jan 2012
by Joe Diamond
A match report from a Foxes' fan on the FA Cup Third Round clash between local rivals Nottingham Forest and Leicester City... [More]

Oh Neill!

04 Jan 2012
by Joe Diamond
Why & how is Martin O'Neill a major coup for Sunderland A.F.C? [More]

An insightful review of Leicester City's 2011

22 Dec 2011
by Joe Diamond
An insightful, collective review of Leicester City's 2011, through the art of the A-Z. [More]

Farewell 'Speedo'

01 Dec 2011
by Joe Diamond
A personal tribute & outlook to Gary Speed and his untimely passing. [More]

Keep calm and carry on at Leicester

06 Nov 2011
by Joe Diamond
A light hearted point of view on the current turbulent times for Leicester City. [More]

Buy or Bust: Football's ugly truth

16 Aug 2011
by Joe Diamond
Every one remembers going to their first football match right? I've been a Leicester City fans for nigh on ten years now, and as much as I can re... [More]