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Laredo Heat Clinch 4th Consecutive title in USL PDL

18 Jul 2012
by Marc Roseblade
You may not know much about U.S soccer outside of Beckham & Henry, but there's a world of football in the states that abound with quality. [More]

Ayr United Stuff Four Past European Bound Motherwell

17 Jul 2012
by Marc Roseblade
Motherwell are bound for Champions League Qualifying yet 2nd division Ayr United taught them a football lesson today. Well Ready for Europe? No! [More]

Rangers Relegated to Div 3 in Historic Day for Scottish Football

16 Jul 2012
by Marc Roseblade
  Scottish Football at it's very core, spoke today with the almost unanimous decision that Rangers must pay for their sins and be dem... [More]

CONCACAF Champions Monterrey to Visit Galveston Pirates

23 Apr 2012
by Marc Roseblade
In UEFA it's Barcelona, in CONCACAF it's Mexican giants Monterrey that rule the roost and are treated like royalty so this news is huge! [More]

Glasgow Rangers: Will They Survive Administration?

17 Feb 2012
by Marc Roseblade
The administrators are in. Millions are missing. Fans are bemused. Players may be out of a job. Who cares? Craig Whyte? [More]

Racist Idiot Tweets His Disgusting Thoughts Through Social Media

15 Jan 2012
by Marc Roseblade
In recent times, scumbags who think that racial abuse is the done thing have been trawling twitter to impart their worldly moronic wisdom!! [More]

The changing format of Lamar Hunt U.S Open Cup

15 Jan 2012
by Marc Roseblade
We all love an underdog story in world football so this weeks ringing changes in the U.S Open Cup format should suit us all. [More]

Zeus Thunderbolt Helps Honest Men Sink Livvy Lions

08 Jan 2012
by Marc Roseblade
Like a bolt of lightning from the staff of Greek God Zeus, Mikey McGowan unleashed an unstoppable shot that won the match for Ayr United. [More]

The Modern Footballer: Racist, Sexist & Offensive

23 Dec 2011
by Marc Roseblade
Terry in the dock. Suarez fined & banned. Celtic in the dock & fined. Blatter a numpty. Racism, Sexism & chanting. Sounds like a hollywood movie! [More]

Ooh La La! Celtic Yoofs Finish of the French in Style

11 Dec 2011
by Marc Roseblade
As the group stages of the youth equivalent of the Champions League drew to a close,Celtics youths outclassed Marseille at a cold Glesga stadium. [More]

Beckham Shines Bright Amongst a Galaxy of Stars

22 Nov 2011
by Marc Roseblade
David Beckham has been cagey about where his future lies but for one night, possibly his last in Galaxy colours, he emerged with the MLS trophy. [More]

Glasgow Celtic Fans Offensive Chants Land the Club in UEFA Dock

20 Nov 2011
by Marc Roseblade
What's your poison? Illicit chanting or football banter? Sectarian/Political or Offensive chants? UK or Ireland? Blue or Green? [More]

In the Second City of the Empire, Mother Glasgow Watches Over Me

15 Nov 2011
by Marc Roseblade
One day women will rule the world, this week it's just the football in Scotland that belongs to them. [More]

Spartans Victorious and Gerard Butler is Nowhere in Sight

12 Nov 2011
by Marc Roseblade
Not a dodgy American/Scottish accent could be heard on or around the set (pitch) after the latest set of Spartan women emerged victorious! [More]

Our Youths Are Better Than Your Youths And Here's The Proof

10 Nov 2011
by Marc Roseblade
Money can't buy you love sung the Beatles, now it appears money can't buy Man City a win at European youth level. [More]

The 12th Man, Fact or Fiction?

27 Oct 2011
by Marc Roseblade
After seeing a magnificent fan participation at a match tonight I wondered how much these supporters can influence a game. [More]

Lisa Evans, Perfect Replacement For Arsenal Star Julie Fleeting

11 Oct 2011
by Marc Roseblade
After Lisa's midweek three goal haul in the Champions League, the 19 year old is the perfect replacement for Arsenal striker Julie Fleeting. [More]

Glasgow City, Potsdam Turbine & The UEFA Champions League

08 Oct 2011
by Marc Roseblade
Scotland's club failure in Europe is eclipsed by the efforts of amateur side Glasgow City in reaching the final 16 of Champions League. [More]

Who would pay to see Cantona return to the Champions League?

05 Oct 2011
by Marc Roseblade
The UEFA Champions League doesn't exist anymore, it's a cup competition for the rich elite sides to flaunt their wealth but I'd pay to see this! [More]

Long Ball or Silky Passing?

04 Oct 2011
by Marc Roseblade
Today saw an exhibition of both styles clashing at the SPL tie between Kilmarnock and St Johnstone but what type of football is best? [More]