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Has The Tide Finally Turned?

02 Aug 2013
by Katie McQuade
It’s been no illusion that the driving force and the metaphorical face of European and World football has been Barcelona. Barcelona notorio... [More]

Messi Vs Ronaldo - The Debate Continues.

30 Oct 2012
by Katie McQuade
Two of the most amazing, completely sublime players to ever grace this planet are constantly battling it out to gain the 'Worlds Best Player... [More]

Top 5 Young Goalkeepers In The World

08 Jul 2012
by Katie McQuade
Some people say goalkeepers aren't real footballers. All they do is just stand there and occasionally save a few shots, howeveR I beg to differ. ... [More]

Manager's time to step out of that trusty comfort zone

23 Feb 2012
by Katie McQuade
Are all, not just the top, Premier League clubs too scared to step out of their comfort zone when it comes to buying new players? Premier League ... [More]