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Articles by this Author

Barça 2-2 Chelsea and the Perfect Crime

25 Apr 2012
by Alfredo Spedicato
The Barcelona-Chelsea thriller, which started on 6 May 2009, ended like no one would never have expected. The Blues equalized 2-2 at Camp Nou. Th... [More]

Chelsea crave for revenge against Barça

07 Apr 2012
by Alfredo Spedicato
On May 6th, 2009 Chelsea and Barcelona play the second leg’s semifinal of the fifty-fourth edition of the UEFA Champions League at the Stam... [More]

Champions League quarter-final: Chelsea draw Benfica

17 Mar 2012
by Alfredo Spedicato
The Champions League quarter-final draws offer some very interesting matches. Chelsea, the only English team in the European cups, draw Benfica. ... [More]