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About the Author : We aim to publish analysis of ethical, political & historical significance, providing a rational way for revealing of censored, taboo injustices in the beautiful game...

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Exciting Quarter-Final Draw In Champions League & Europa League

15 Mar 2013
by Footy Leaks
Looking at some mouthwatering ties in the business end of Europe's two competitions, and my predictions... [More]

Yugoslavia, what could have been!

29 Oct 2012
by Footy Leaks
Imagine if Yugoslavia were still in existence, and had sent a squad for next World Cup.... a combined team of Croatia + Serbia + Slovenia + Monte... [More]

The FA's mishandling of Terrygate will cost England

08 Feb 2012
by Footy Leaks
David Bernstein & the FA in their wisdom have decided that Terry has to step down as England captain for Euro 2012, pending the case of racia... [More]