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The Deepest Fears of a Milanisti

02 Oct 2012
by Ihab Nasr
My deepest fears is to witness the free-fall of Milan into a team that is not competitive..My Deepest fear is Milan turning into a Deportivo [More]

Ranieri Gets the Boot at Inter!

27 Mar 2012
by Ihab Nasr
Nicknamed “Tinkerman” for changing his system more often than most managers, Ranieri has been sacked after his short stint at Inter.&... [More]

AVB Gets the Axe!

05 Mar 2012
by Ihab Nasr
Over the years, I’ve observed two general extremes of football management styles. The first extreme is characterized by micromanagement and... [More]

Goal-Line Technology? No Thanks!

01 Mar 2012
by Ihab Nasr
There just might be some logic to leaving Technology out of the game. [More]

Milan 1-1 Juventus: Match Analysis

26 Feb 2012
by Ihab Nasr
Milan and Juve share the spoils in a dramatic and controversial encounter. [More]

Napoli 3-1 Chelsea: Match Analysis

22 Feb 2012
by Ihab Nasr
A great match to watch , albeit due to shaky defending from both teams, it was free flowing football played at an enjoyable tempo. [More]

Abramovich's Chelsea getting what they deserve.

22 Feb 2012
by Ihab Nasr
Winning the Premier League and battling for the Champions League have been the primary objectives for Chelsea for most of the past decade since R... [More]

AC Milan 4-0 Arsenal: Match Analysis

16 Feb 2012
by Ihab Nasr
Hands down, the best performance that AC Milan has produced this season. the Italians had a sense of urgency in their play, they looked hungry, t... [More]

AC Milan Vs Arsenal Preview

15 Feb 2012
by Ihab Nasr
Undoubtedly one of the most important games for AC Milan this season, not just because it is a knockout home encounter against a side who can be ... [More]

The Champions League Psychology

15 Feb 2012
by Ihab Nasr
It is foolish to ignore the away goal rule and simply play your usual game. Obviously more care and caution is required... [More]

Leverkusen vs Barcelona: Barca on their way to the Quarter Final

14 Feb 2012
by Ihab Nasr
With 4 minutes left, their plan was shattered. What now for the German team? Should they go out and look for an equalizer? [More]