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About the Author : Im really interested in writing about all things football and I would like to pursue it as a career some day. I cover all areas of discussion, mainly writing about the leagues in England.

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Manchester City Press the 'Self-Destruct' Button

14 Feb 2013
by Paul Rose-Troup
In the 48th minute in a match between Southampton and current Premier League champions Manchester City at St. Mary's, Roberto Mancini paced his t... [More]

Newcastle Showing Signs of Life Via Movement in the Market

25 Jan 2013
by Paul Rose-Troup
It has always struck me as quite odd that football opens its transfer window in the month of January. It seems a bit strange, to me at least, tha... [More]

The North East Continues To Stutter In The Premier League

16 Nov 2012
by Paul Rose-Troup
This past weekend’s round of fixtures in the Barclays Premier League saw Newcastle United and Sunderland further frustrate their ... [More]

A Region Divided - A Preview of the Wear-Tyne Derby

18 Oct 2012
by Paul Rose-Troup
For the last two weeks, most of the footballing world has been preoccupied with the international break and the efforts of all countries involved... [More]

AVB's Tottenham Hotspur - A Work In Progress

16 Sep 2012
by Paul Rose-Troup
If there is one thing that managers of football clubs are afforded so rarely these days, it is time. This is the case in any division; whether it... [More]

The New Season Is Here - Opening Weekend Thoughts

21 Aug 2012
by Paul Rose-Troup
So the new Barclays Premier League season is upon us and it doesn’t feel like five minutes since the last one ended, but you won’t he... [More]

Andy Carroll's Potential Tyneside Return - The Pros and Cons

18 Jul 2012
by Paul Rose-Troup
It was December 11th 2010 as I sat in the West Corner of the Sir John Hall stand in St. James’ Park, braving the cold Saturday night air to... [More]

Domestic Matters

07 Jul 2012
by Paul Rose-Troup
It is quite hard to believe that Euro 2012 has come and gone so very quickly. At the end of it all, it was Spain who emerged victorious as they r... [More]

Classy Spain Too Much For Ireland

15 Jun 2012
by Paul Rose-Troup
The Republic of Ireland have been handed an early exit from Euro 2012 as they were beaten comfortably by current World and European champions Spa... [More]