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About the Author : Aspiring sports journalist. Studying English Literature at university in Brighton. Been a life-long fan of Chelsea FC but try to be as unbiased as possible whilst writing blog entries.

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Is Wenger bailing on his own philosophy?

01 Aug 2013
by Tom Roddy
Much to the relief of so many fans at the Emirates, Arsene Wenger's stubborn streak in the transfer window has finally been broken. Despite the f... [More]

Aguero key to City success

28 Jul 2013
by Tom Roddy
  "AGUERRRROoooOOoooOOOoooooOooooOOoooooo!!!!!!!!!!" Explanation shan't be necessary for this iconic moment in the 2011/12 season, a moment ... [More]

£60million for Rooney - Really?

22 Jul 2013
by Tom Roddy
 It could be argued that Wayne Rooney is an acquired taste. Maybe simply an exotic taste. He, like Jack Wilshere, is one of the few England ... [More]

Rafa's knowing nod to Stamford Bridge

04 Jun 2013
by Tom Roddy
It goes without saying that Rafael Benitez’s appointment as Chelsea Interim manager was never going to be popular in the eyes of the Stamfo... [More]

Ferguson Passes Over His Crown

14 May 2013
by Tom Roddy
Queen Elizabeth opened State Parliament for the sixtieth time in her reign last week and had a rather large announcement to make. The eighty-seve... [More]

Suarez Issues Warning of European Ambitions

09 Apr 2013
by Tom Roddy
Luis Suarez continues to prove week after week that he is one of the best in the world and will no doubt be in contention with being crowned the ... [More]

English talent ruined: Gabriel Agbonlahor

01 Apr 2013
by Tom Roddy
How many times has a player been deemed the next big thing at an early age and allowed the hype to let us all down? Seven years ago, the teenage ... [More]

Mourinho: The Next Step

22 Feb 2013
by Tom Roddy
It would appear that the final curtain on Jose Mourinho’s time as manager of Real Madrid will be drawing to a close. Los Blancos currently ... [More]

The United States of Stamford Bridge

08 Nov 2012
by Tom Roddy
As Barack Obama and Mitt Romney battled out a fierce US Election for Presidency, the world saw a physical divide in America as each state toppled... [More]

What is the key to Premier League Survival?

01 Nov 2012
by Tom Roddy
Gaining promotion to the Barclays Premier League is truly an admirable feat for any club. A gruelling forty-six games against equally potential p... [More]

Notorious November approaches for Di Matteo

28 Oct 2012
by Tom Roddy
Stamford Bridge hosts the first clash between two of the title contenders this Sunday as Manchester United visit West London aiming to reduce Che... [More]