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Favourite Club : Rangers, Aston Villa
About the Author : 22 year old English (soon-to-be) graduate. Keen lover of football, opinions expressed are my own and essential for you to read. Rangers and Villa fan.

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Bidding Farewell to Rangers Football Club

11 May 2012
by Scott Binnie
Last week I said my goodbyes to my club. I hope I was premature. [More]

Carlos Tevez - The Necessary Mercenary

08 May 2012
by Scott Binnie
Sir Alex accused his City counterpart of abandoning his morals when Tevez was asked back to City to help them land the title. Was he correct? [More]

The Revival of UEFA Club Competitions

24 Apr 2012
by Scott Binnie
On 13 May 1998, I attained one of my fondest memories of football. I watched Chelsea, a team for whom I’d only ever bore a slight soft spot... [More]