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Ten Best Swansea City Signings of the Last Ten Years

25 Dec 2012
by Daniel Jenkins
Scott Sinclair  Very few people were willing to take the gamble on Scott Sinclair in 2010. Brendan Rodgers brought him to Swansea City for a... [More]

Team Of The Premier League So Far

15 Dec 2012
by Daniel Jenkins
The best XI of the Premier League so far in the 2012-13 season... [More]

Cristiano Ronaldo: Living in Messi’s shadow

12 Dec 2012
by Daniel Jenkins
Eighty-six goals in a calendar year. Take a moment to digest the enormity of that statement. Lionel Messi has scored, on average, a goal every 4.... [More]

Is it Time to Sack Arsène Wenger?

17 Nov 2012
by Daniel Jenkins
It is vital to note that every time Arsenal lose a key player, the team will need a couple of seasons to adapt to the new style of play. [More]

Reserve Teams in the English Football League

09 Nov 2012
by Daniel Jenkins
The Spanish dominance of football has been near-total in the last few years with the national side winning the World Cup and two European Champio... [More]

Underrated FC - A Squad of Most Underrated Players

01 Nov 2012
by Daniel Jenkins
A lot of players in the Premier League don’t get the credit that they deserve; this blog will address this issue, putting forward a selecti... [More]

T-Shirts, Handshakes and a whole lot of fuss

28 Oct 2012
by Daniel Jenkins
It’s hard to open a paper this week without being bombarded with images of people not wearing t-shirts. Rio Ferdinand’s reluctance to... [More]