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About the Author : Vasco Mota Pereira was born and raised in Portugal. A football geek, he can most likely be found taking notes from some mid-table clash in the Italian League in the wee hours of the morning.

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Articles by this Author

The Indivisibility of Football

20 Feb 2014
by Vasco Mota Pereira
For years football was thought to be a simple issue - a matter of individual duels whose winners would end up deciding the outcome of any given m... [More]

Manchester United x Arsenal - Tactical Notes

17 Nov 2013
by Vasco Mota Pereira
In a match that could have offered the visitors a comfortable lead, Manchester United and Arsenal met at Old Trafford for an interesting match. [More]

Benfica 3-1 Newcastle - Benfica get over shaky start

05 Apr 2013
by Vasco Mota Pereira
In a match that resembled a rerun of past Europa League matches at Estádio da Luz, Benfica found a way to overcome a less than stellar per... [More]

Ezequiel Garay - The Right Man For Manchester United?

31 Jan 2013
by Vasco Mota Pereira
The Argentinean centre-back has been linked several times to a move to Old Trafford. Would it be wise? [More]

Benfica 2-2 FC Porto - Tactical Analysis

14 Jan 2013
by Vasco Mota Pereira
After last week's preview, the tactical review of the Portuguese clássico. [More]

Benfica v FC Porto - Tactical Preview

11 Jan 2013
by Vasco Mota Pereira
Benfica and FC Porto face each other next Sunday. What can we expect? [More]

Marat Izmailov & Miguel Lopes Switch Sides

09 Jan 2013
by Vasco Mota Pereira
FC Porto and Sporting unusually exchange players in the January transfer window. Who stands to gain? [More]

The Incredible Hulk

07 Dec 2012
by Vasco Mota Pereira
Is the Brazilian forward doomed to life on the fringes? [More]

Is James Rodríguez what Manchester United need?

17 Nov 2012
by Vasco Mota Pereira
You should probably pay attention next time El Bandido comes to your town. [More]

Tottenham 2-4 Chelsea: So close, yet so far

23 Oct 2012
by Vasco Mota Pereira
Tottenham keep improving, but there's still something lacking. Dembélé and Bale were terribly missed. [More]

Manchester United & Stoke City: Worlds apart

22 Oct 2012
by Vasco Mota Pereira
Different attacking approaches from both teams. United still vulnerable in the air and through the middle. [More]