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Favourite Club : Tottenham Hotspur FC
About the Author : Recently started blogging. Havent written too much, but have plenty to say about football. The mighty Spurs and otherwise, from London, England. Hope you enjoy.

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Sterling, Livermore and Lallana. Is Roy planning for the future?

13 Sep 2012
by Chris James
Sterling, Livermore and Lallana have all been called up for England's World Cup Qualifier v Ukraine. Is this Hodgson planning for the future? [More]

Levy and AVB are a double team fit for Wimbledon.

04 Sep 2012
by Chris James
Scooby & Shaggy, Sooty & Sweep, Torvil & Dean. You've all seen these, but the lastest pair Levy and AVB are about to light uo your screens. [More]